Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Introducing the development team

I've had a few requests from users recently to find out a bit more about the development team behind MacroDroid, so I thought I'd create a quick blog post to fill you in.

The entire MacroDroid support and development team consists of just me and with that in mind I suppose I'd better give you a little more information on myself.

I'm Jamie, 35 and live in Kent (just outside London) in England. I've been programming since I was around 10 and I've been a full time developer for the last 14 years. I've worked on Android pretty much since it came out and have been working on MacroDroid for just over 2 years.

Its probably worth pointing out that all development and support of MacroDroid is done entirely in my spare time and regularly while commuting to London for my *proper* (pays the bills) job. At the moment I'm working in London as a full time Android contractor and actually have a second part time contract on the go as well, so I'm currently a bit squeezed on MacroDroid time (but I do try my best). It is my long term ambition to work full time purely on my own applications but sadly the economics of app development make this quite hard to achieve. On the positive side the Android development scene in London is buoyant right now so I can make a good living doing something I generally enjoy.

From a personal point of view I have a wife and two daughters aged 4 and 5 who keep my weekends fairly busy and on the rare occasion when I do have little (non-MacroDroid) spare time I enjoy playing a bit of online poker and chess. If anyone's up for a game of chess my handle on Chess Time is UndeadCretin.

Below is a link to my linkedin profile in case you're interested, or more importantly if would like to pay me lots of money to build you a cool android app :-)

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